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The Abeyance S840 is the largest LN2 dry vapor shipper available. Designed for the safe and efficient transport of cryopreserved samples with a stable temperature and 14 day hold time below Tg. The S840 can ship via commercial wide-body aircraft while accommodating the tallest sample racks and frames. Save time and money with the flexibility to choose from more aircraft and flight schedules.

S840 Spec Dwg.png

S840 Lab Mover

Large Volume LN2 Dry Vapor Shipper
Safe & Efficient Cryo Sample Transport

  • Largest LN2 Dry Vapor Shipper Available

  • Stable Cryogenic Shipping Temperature

  • 14 Day Hold Time Below Tg

  • Transit Tested to ISTA-6B

  • Holds 15-2 Racks & Tall Blood Bag Frames

  • Supports Various Data Loggers

  • Easily Moved with Pallet Jack or Forklift

  • Made for Commercial Wide-Body Aircraft

  • IATA Special Provision A152

  • Rental Options Available

   84,000 x 2 ml Vials

   1,720 x 250 ml Cassettes

   Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H):

   59.0 x 61.0 x 62.0 in (1499 x 1550 x 1575 mm)

S840 Temp Test.png

Temperature Test:

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Boat Circle Icon.png
Airplane Circle Icon.png
S840 Rack Layouts.png
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