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Updating Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plans

We are reviewing and expanding our business continuity and disaster recovery plans as a lot of you are. The ISBER Best Practices: Recommendations for Repositories and Cryo Storage Addendum are great resources to help ensure you have processes, redundancy and a response plan in place to preserve your sample potential.


ISBER Best Practices: Recommendations for Repositories

"The availability of high-quality biological and environmental specimens for research purposes requires the development of standardized methods for collection, handling, storage, retrieval, and distribution. The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) is the leading global forum for the development, management, and operations of repositories. One of the key objectives for ISBER is to share successful strategies, policies, and procedures on providing fit-for-purpose specimens for research. "Best Practices" is a guidance document that reflects the collective experience of its members and has received broad input from other repository professionals. Throughout the document, effective practices are presented for the management of specimen collections and repositories..."

ISBER Best Practices: Recommendations for Repositories

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