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Stay Connected and Know Your Samples are Safe

Know your samples are safe and focus on your work...whatever that looks like these days. Stay connected with text/email alerts and cloud monitoring. Tracking leading indicators with remote notifications allows you to reduce risk, avoid emergency situations and preserve your sample potential!

Stay connected; know your samples are safe even when you're not in the lab. Researcher working from home

Remote alerts tied to temperature, level, usage and supply status keep you up to date even when offsite. Notifications let you know when your supply is empty, when to schedule delivery and how long your freezer will stay cold. Early warnings allow developing situations to be addressed through planned service instead of emergency response.

Redundant monitoring is always recommended, but a lot of facilities only have one remote alert system tied to freezer temperature. This is great for traceability and record keeping, but temperature is a lagging indicator of performance and having only one remote alert is not redundant. Abeyance cryogenic freezers provide multiple remote alerts systems and support secondary temperature and level monitoring for true redundancy.

  • Text and Email Alerts

  • Cloud Backup and Monitoring

  • Building Alarm Contacts

  • Supports Secondary Temperature and Level Monitoring

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