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Preserving COVID-19 Samples Key to Fighting Coronavirus

Abeyance cryogenic freezers are preserving critical COVID-19 samples. Quality samples containing the coronavirus and antibodies are key for research, diagnostic testing, therapeutics and vaccines. These samples provide insight into the virus and how the immune system responds to it. Biobanks across the globe are diverting resources to process and store these samples for clinical trials and to make them available to researchers across industry and academia.

"Although often operating in the background, biobanking plays a critical role in the diagnosis and development of treatments for a variety of diseases. However, as we witness the urgent international efforts to develop vaccines and other therapies for the current COVID-19 pandemic, patient sample collection, processing, and analyses are at the forefront of this emergency," stated Jim Vaught, Phd - Editior-in-Chief of the journal Biopreservation and Biobanking¹

Our cryogenic freezers preserve sample potential with leading performance and efficiency. We keep you connected to your samples with cloud monitoring, text and email alerts. Know your samples are safe so you can focus on your work. Universities, hospitals and biopharmaceutical companies turn to us to reduce risk through secure storage. COVID-19 samples are key to fighting the coronavirus and we are ready to respond.

COVID-19 blood sample to be tested and stored in a cryogenic freezer

1. Vaught J. Bibanking During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Biopreservation and Biobanking. 15 Apr 2020.

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