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Better Sample Access for the Cryo Cold Chain

Better cold chain management will lead to better outcomes in the lab and clinic. Cryopreserved samples are at their most vulnerable when being handled and transferred. Improving cryogenic freezer usability and access allows for faster, more accurate sample handling.

Retrieving cryopreserved samples from Abeyance cryogenic freezer. Better sample access for better cryo cold chain management.

Full Sample Visibility

Working in a cryogenic freezer is safer and easier when you can actually see what you’re doing. Abeyance freezers feature an automatic cryo LED and fog clear that provide full sample visibility. If your home refrigerator lights up when you open the door, shouldn't your cryogenic freezer storing critical samples for research, therapies, vaccines, and drug discovery? Pick the right rack the first time and minimize sample exposure.

Reduced Reach and Liftover Height

We targeted a 5 ft 2 in (158 cm) tall lab tech while doing our ergonomic study and design. Our tailored sizes balance capacity and usability. Abeyance cryogenic freezers are significantly shorter than others to reduce user reach while maintaining performance. Larger folding steps and a safety handle offer better stability and lower liftover height.

Chain of Custody

The cold chain includes chain of identity, chain of custody and chain of condition. Lid access codes that are tied to individual users are logged in the freezer data. This combines both chain of custody and chain of condition in one location. This freezer and user data can be easily reviewed, emailed and is automatically backed up to the cloud when connected online.

Maintaining the Cold Chain

Slim viability vial box racks with color-coded number ID tags. Expose fewer than half of your innocent samples when retrieving boxes. Easier and faster sample handling for cold chain management

Better user access makes it easier to maintain the cold chain and preserve sample potential. Our lid placement improves rack retrieval and opens up sufficient workspace for sample transfer. For vial boxes, slim viability racks are an efficient and workflow-friendly alternative to heavy, square racks. Slim viability racks increase freezer capacity and are less than half the weight of square racks. They can be lifted with one hand, the vial box removed with the other hand and then quickly placed to maintain the cold chain. They also reduce the exposure of innocent samples to ambient temperature while retrieving targeted boxes.

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