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Abeyance Cryo is a part of Azenta Life Sciences!

15 Elizabeth Drive

Chelmsoford, MA 01284


October 29, 2021

Azenta Life Sciences is pleased to announce the addition of Abeyance Cryo Solutions cryogenic freezer products to our industry leading portfolio of Automated Storage Solutions.

Abeyance Cryo Solutions' patented cryogenic freezers and shippers maintain the cold chain and preserve sample potential for successful use in the laboratory and clinic. By starting with samples and engaging users in their processes, Abeyance developed tailored solutions that improve efficiencies and align with workflows.

Azenta Life Sciences is dedicated to enabling life science organizations around the world to bring impactful breakthroughs and therapies to market – faster. Our solutions across genomics, sample sourcing, storage, informatics, and automation will accelerate discovery, development and delivery, with greater speed and precision.

We are especially excited to welcome co-founders Gil Edwards and Johnny Greene and the extended Abeyance team.

Gil has agreed to become the Senior Director of the entire Azenta Cryogenic Product Line. In his new role, Gil will lead both the Azenta Automated Cryogenic Product Line featuring the world class BioStore Cryo in addition to his continued management of the Abeyance freezer product line.

Johnny Greene will also expand his role as Senior Product Manager with increased focus on automation in addition to championing the innovative Abeyance Cryo freezers.

The combination of the Azenta cryogenic automation expertise and the Abeyance freezer innovation brings a unique portfolio to the cryogenic cold chain market that is focused on bringing increased value to our customers. 


Robin Vacha

SVP, Azenta Life Sciences Products

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