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/ ə -`bā - əns /   -   a - bey - ance 

(n.) a temporary state of suspension waiting for claim and use

Abeyance Cryo is a part of Azenta Life Sciences!


Azenta Life Sciences is dedicated to enabling life science organizations around the world to bring impactful breakthroughs and therapies to market – faster. Our solutions across genomics, sample sourcing, storage, informatics, and automation will accelerate discovery, development and delivery, with greater speed and precision.

Abeyance produces innovative cryopreservation solutions for life science research and therapies. Abeyance was founded to better enable researchers and clinicians to advance science and wellness. Our cryogenic freezers and shippers maintain the cold chain and preserve sample potential for successful use in the laboratory or clinic. Cryopreservation equipment has traditionally been based on modified industrial vessels not fit for purpose. By starting with samples and engaging users in their processes, we developed tailored solutions that improve efficiencies and align with workflows. Redundancy and modern connectivity are key to further increasing sample security, risk management and fulfilling regulatory requirements. Achieving leading performance while optimizing capacity and usability required innovative designs and manufacturing techniques. Our unique approach is made possible through our experience, attention to detail, vertical integration and commitment to quality. We strive to produce the most effective cryogenic solutions and partner with local, select service providers to ensure the best overall customer experience.


Abeyance was co-founded by two Georgia Tech engineers who believed that better cryogenic solutions would lead to better outcomes in the lab and clinic. They recognized a growth market opportunity with increasing demand for quality biological samples needed to drive life science research, therapies, diagnostic testing and drug discovery. Future advances in cellular therapies and regenerative medicine would further necessitate better cold chain solutions. With over 30 years combined experience in the service, design, management and sale of cryopreservation equipment at leading manufacturers, they saw areas to improve both product and support in anticipation of evolving market needs. Unable to implement customer focused changes at large companies, they set out on their own to develop cryogenic solutions designed for samples by users. 

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Abeyance Cryo, by Azenta Life Sciences

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