Abeyance Cryo Solutions | Preserving Potential

Abeyance Cryo Solutions | Preserving Potential
ə -`bā - əns /   -   a - bey - ance
(n.) a temporary state of suspension waiting for claim and use
simple, secure cryopreservation solutions
for life science research and therapies

Abeyance Cryo Solutions
Designed for Samples by Users



Biological samples are needed for life science research, therapies, drug discovery and diagnostic testing. Cryogenic temperatures are often required to fully stabilize and preserve critical biological properties for successful use in the lab or clinic. Abeyance produces simple, secure cryogenic freezer and shipping solutions to maintain the cold chain and preserve sample potential.


     Stem Cells

     Cell Lines





     Pharmaceutical & Biotech

     Universities & Research Institutions


     Hospitals & Clinics

     Government Institutes


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